Beautiful and healthy body

with Pilates

GoldenGate, Kiev
Thursday, Wednesday, Friday 7.00 p.m, Saturday 11 a.m

Why pilates ?

Pilates is a set of exercises, which helps you to get a healthy and beautiful body, improve your spine and joints.
There are no restrictions in Pilates. This method intended for people of any age and any shape. Using small equipment and a wide variation of exercises allows you to find the ideal training.
Development of deep muscle stabilizers for the retention of the spine in the physiological position
Flexibility of muscles, strong ligaments and joints
Balance of internal and external states, harmonization of the nervous system
The most effective directions that will help you to get a healthy and beautiful body in a short time and without harm to health
Pilates with small equipment
Exercises for all muscle groups, contribute to the development of stamina, flexibility, joint mobility, strengthens the entire body.
Twin Pilates
Pilates lessons are very positive for the relationship. Learn to trust and fully rely on a partner.
Who I am?
Svitlana Laktionova
Certified Pilates coach, organizer of author's tours and retreats
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Where do the classes take place?
Bright space in the heart of Kiev. Classes are held at a convenient time, after working hours on weekdays and on days off on weekends.
Choose a convenient tariff
The lesson lasts 60 minutes. All classes are held by appointment.
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Introductory lesson
120 UAN
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510 UAN
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720 UAN
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